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The AMELIE WIX website template is perfect for bloggers looking for an eye-catching and modern design for their website. This template features a sleek design, intuitive navigation, and easy customization for those looking to create a website that stands out. Additionally, the template is mobile-friendly, allowing for easy access to your blog from any device. With AMELIE, you can create a stunning and professional blog that will surely impress your readers.

It's a quick and pretty solution, you can quickly fill out your details with a nice prewritten text and images. It's perfect for Coaches, Selling services , Bloggers, Social Media Managers.




AMELIE Wix website template

199,00 €Price
  • STEP 1: You will need a Wix account in order to use your template. Create a Wix Account (FREE OR PAID)

    STEP 2: PURCHASE THE TEMPLATE. Once you make your purchase, we'll ask your email address associated with your Wix account  so we can transfer the website to your account. A transfer request will be sent to your inbox within 24 hours from Wix.

    STEP 3: CUSTOMIZE YOUR DESIGN & LAUNCH: Customize your design and launch! * You can swap out all the text, colors, photos & graphics with your own. Yes! I do custom branding + website for you.


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