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R. Brenner



Introducing BRIGANTIA, where modern minimalism intertwines with bridal elegance, creating a tranquil, sleek, and sophisticated environment for brides seeking a refined and contemporary bridal experience.
This is a visual exploration of the core values and aesthetics that define BRIGANTIA, a bridal salon that embodies the principles of modern minimalism and timeless bridal beauty.

Project Highlights:

Logo Design: The BRIGANTIA logo reflects modern minimalism with a clean, geometric design. Its color palette includes shades of soft green and earthy tones, maintaining a serene, sophisticated feel.

Color Palette: Inspired by nature, BRIGANTIA's color palette is kept minimal with a focus on soft greens, earthy browns, and neutral hues, adding a touch of warmth to the modern aesthetic.

Typography: Our typography is contemporary and uncluttered, emphasizing simplicity and elegance while ensuring clear communication.

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